​​​​​Cody's Foundation Global is a non-profit organization that honors our late son Cody, who lost a 10 day battle with an airborne virus on December 10, 1995.

He was five years, three months and ten days old.

There is no greater loss than that of a child.

It was because of this deep personal loss that we started Cody's Foundation in August of 1997.

Our mission is to bring aid to abused, abandoned and neglected children.

We hope that through this expression of caring, these children will come to know even a small amount of the love that was routine for Cody on a daily basis.


Since our inception, our efforts have been ongoing in raising funds and supporting organizations such as Nutley Family Service Bureau, Nutley Red Cross, University Hospital in Newark, Newark Beth Israel Hospital and The Safe House.

We are continually hands-on and work directly with individual families in crisis, referred to us through area churches, local organizations and private inquiries. We are also happy to have added several child advocates to our foundation family.

Through them we are able to help fill the needs of children from unimaginably cruel circumstances. Their cries for help are rarely made public, for either privacy or security reasons, making our advocates invaluable to us.


It has been a privilege through the years to have provided financial assistance to help keep kids in their foster homes when promised funding didn't materialize. We were excited to start a tutoring program for eight-year-old twins, so neglected from birth they had no comprehension of letters or numbers but quickly advanced academically to their grade level thanks to the creative teachings of our very determined tutor.

One of our proudest moments included financially assisting a child in need of a kidney. He is now thriving, doing well in school and working to help his family.

We have provided counseling and housing for young mothers with children trying for a fresh start in life and always fill requests for hospitalized children with medical issues ranging from chronic illness to unspeakable forms of abuse. Each year produces new challenges to be met and lives to be cared for. We believe in the 'hand up not a hand out' approach.


In addition to our local commitments we are now GLOBAL! In August of 2008, we started a desperately needed community livestock project in the Kyangwali Refugee Camp in Uganda, Africa. This is where refugees from Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan fled to escape the genocide and torture tearing their countries apart. 

Now complete, the project enables families to become self-sustaining, thereby creating a more stable living environment. 

Our 2010 Our "Maji Ni Uzima'...Water is Life! Initiative began mid-year of 2010 and was completed in early spring of 2011, taking under a year from start to finish.

We constructed 10 hand dug wells in 10 different communities to insure this basic need reached 1,000s. Fresh, clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing is every human being's right and we are grateful for the opportunity to help.

Our smaller Aid and Comfort project is ongoing, as needed, to incoming orphaned children arriving alone in camp by filling simple but life sustaining everyday needs, something they consider a luxury. 

​There are no borders to a child needing love and care.